Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Black olive hummus

This is sooo good and making it myself will save a fortune over the price of a little container at the store! I haven't figured out how to cut the cost down on pita yet...still working on that.
Okay so I took a can of chickpeas and three cloves garlic and threw them in the food processor-pulsed until the chickpeas were lightly ground. Then I added 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1 cup tahini, some salt, 1/2 cup water and turned it on for 3 minutes. Added in some black olives and pulsed it again until they were just chopped. Topped with a little paprika and wala my dinner! Everyone else likes it okay but noone would eat it as a meal except me.
I followed a recipe from Vegetarian Classics and added black olives.

This recipe I'm adding 7-4-09 and I like it even more

2 (15 ounce) cans garbanzo beans
1/2 cup tahini (sesame seed paste)
6 tablespoons lemon juice
3 garlic cloves, pressed
1 teaspoon ground cumin
salt and pepper
Drain beans and reserve the liquid when you do so.
Blend beans, along with the other ingredients and 1/4 cup of the liquid.
Process until the mixture is smooth.
Add liquid until the desired consistency is reached.
Adjust seasonings alongwith more cumin, lemon juice, salt and pepper.


Grandma Kris said...

I like hummus! This looks good! I can't see the olives though???

Brie said...

They're there...if you look for dark specks in the bigger picture you can see them but they are fairly well chopped=)