Thursday, April 08, 2010

Homemade Yogurt

Another project I've wanted to do forever and finally have time to do!!  The kids were especially excited but we all love yogurt here!  *updated 6-10 for adding sweetness!

Cost: I was paying 3.50 for a quart of yogurt at the grocery store.  This recipe makes 4 quarts.  The milk is about 2.50 a gallon and then I bought a small yogurt for starter that was .45.  Total of 2.95 or 74 cents a quart! Frugally fantastic!

I followed the recipe here :)

I threw my four quart jars, lids and bands into the dishwasher then put the full gallon of whole milk into a pan to heat.  I did stir fairly often to be sure it wouldn't stick, burn or develop the film on top.

When it got to temperature(185-195F) I put it into the sink with coolish water...I changed the water a few times with coolish again.  My pot came with a warning that changing temperatures quickly can cause the bottom to separate and liquify...ack.

Once that got down to 120 degrees I added the 6 ounce container of yogurt with live cultures(I used Yoplait vanilla) and whisked it all together well.  *The third time I made this I waited until I had two quarts left and I added a bit over 1/2 cup of sugar and whisked until it was blended then continued as usual hoping it wouldn't be runny.  It turned out just as thick and perfect as ever!

I skimmed the bubbles off with a spoon then poured into the four jars, added caps and bands then put into the cooler with a gallon of water(120 degrees).

Three hours later I came back and moved them to the fridge.

Waited overnight and it was thick and awesome!!!
The kids were loving it...with strawberries(and sugar).

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