Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan

I wasn't feeling great last week and my menu plan didn't go as good as it could have because of it.  We went out to eat one night and another I just didn't want to make lentils and rice.  This week will hopefully go better.  We're  down to the last of the pantry challenge time and I'm ready to be done:o)  Our pantry is still full but I think I did pretty good working it down and will continue to use what's in there even after the challenge is over.

Breakfast: Grits
Dinner: Potatoes and franks

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Dinner: Skillet Sausage Pasta

Breakfast: cereal
Dinner: California Quesadillas  refried beans, rice

Breakfast: cereal
Dinner: Noodle Stroganoff

Breakfast: Pancakes
Dinner: Pizza  (Pepperoni)

Breakfast: Eggs
Dinner: Mom's chili over rice

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