Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oriental Stir Fry Scallops

The kids absolutely loved it and Justin would have happily eaten a ton of scallops(none of the veggies) but we ran out. I love stir fry so it was a given I'd like it. Leeks were something we'd never had before at home so it was fun to use them!

Oriental Stir Fry Scallops

8 ounces sea scallops

1/2 cup leeks

1/3 cup water chestnuts

1 1/2 cups mushrooms, sliced

1 1/3 tsp olive oil

1 cup snow peas

3/4 cup bamboo sprouts

2 tsp soy sauce

Sauté all the oriental vegetables until tender in olive oil over medium heat. Add scallops to vegetables and cook until done. While cooking, add the soy sauce. Serve while hot.

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Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to try scallops sometime!!! i've never used them... and know what i did today? i bought LEEKS.. gosh i have NEVER cooked with those? LOL.. i need to branch out and try new things