Saturday, March 21, 2009

Freezer time

It's time to stock the freezer for after baby meals.

Crockpot meatloaf(2 meals)
Onion soup burgers(1 meal)
Noodle stroganoff(2 meals, 1 meal gone)
Chili tot casserole--one 9X13 pan
Sterling burgers(2 meals)
Hungarian Goulash(1 meal-will need large sides because it didn't make a big dish)
King ranch chicken(1 meal)

Already bought:
3 premade italian meals that need nothing or just spaghetti sauce
(1 lasagna, 1 manicotti, 1 stuffed shells)
2 packages premade meatballs
Big box 80 hot dogs
hamburger buns

Other meals only partially done in the freezer or throw together meals with items on hand:
Tasting is believing chicken--just need rice -
Crockpot burritos--have the burritos in the freezer

14 pounds precooked beef for:
manwiches(6 cans) -2 cans left
Tacos/add taco seasoning
Taco soup

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